Idol Hat campaign

Idol Hat in public space
Frist light panel at an Ubahn station in Berlin city.

Idols at HTM// fanzine II

Idols have apeared on Haztelotumismo (HTM// fanzine 2) a pretty new small fanzine made in Madrid (Spain)!
Take a look on the video and see how it looks the whole publication.


HTM // 2 from rafafans on Vimeo.


"Street Lovers" is one of my last projects developed mainly in Berlin, Brussels and Spain.
I have been taking photos of love demostrations in the streets...

It was not that easy to find good ones, but finally I had found lots of great Hearts around.

Get ready for Berliner real love

Julia y el poder de la hora

New_ Papers magazine
The time machine

Viniste a pasar unos dias a casa.
Estabas un poco rara, casi como siempre.
Algo te quitaba el sueño y yo te decía que sí a todo.
Nos quedamos dormidos esperando.
Me diste la espalda durante el desayuno.
Parecia que sólo esperabas malas noticias.
Parecía que ya lo sabias.

You came to spend a few days at home
You were a little bit odd, as always
Something kept you awake and I agreed with everything you said.
We fell asleep while waiting.
You turned you back on me during the breackfast
It seemed like you only waited for bad news.
It seemed like you already knew it.


Dario Peña (video-artist from Madrid) has included Idol hat and some offering flowers at "He falls to me" a song by Hidrogenesse versus The Hidden Cameras

"He falls to me" Hidrogenesse versus The Hidden Cameras from Austrohúngaro on Vimeo.


Good Friends and very talented industrial designers!
I used to colabrorated with Alex & Clara during my times in Valencia.
Ikara vs. Alto o disparo, Mural intervention on a YONOHs studio table, performance at Feria de muestras de Valencia, Valencia, Spain
They used a portraits I drew fo them, thats a nice way to keep in touch

Julia y el poder de la hora

The time Machine
New-papers magazine

Work in process for Solo Show at Ra13,
Offering and Idol broken.
Berlin, at studio space...
February 2010

The time machine

Time Warriors (New papers #3 Máquina del tiempo Credits) from New papers on Vimeo.

Video: Ricardo Juárez
Audio: Victor Visan

#3 Máquina del tiempo / Time machine
23 abril / 23th april 2010!

Pierre Gonnord
David Gómez Maestre
Machines Désirantes
Studio Reizundrisiko – Samuel Bänziger
Pablo Abad
Darío Peña
Carlos Arroyo Galaxia
Lidia G
Fernando Renes /


the newspaper "el mundo" talks about me!

Canto de sirenas / Juan Vidal / fall (men/women)

Juan Vidal,a fashion designer from Barcelona decided to present his fall-09 collection on video format.
This is the resoult

Idea: Juan Vidal
Art direction: Carlos Arroyo Galaxia
Director: Adrià Lucas

Be an Idol press


People from Ra talks about "be an idol"

Holy Photocopies

1_Bad mood framed
2_Anti-garden framed
3_Temporary bed framed
4_Mistake framed

Carlos Arroyo galaxia


This is the artwork I just made for Mireia Vila.
She has documentated my las solo show in Antwerpen so now we work for eachother!
You can see part of the documentation pics in this link:

Thanks Mire

Antwerpen show/Making off. photos by Mireia Vila

Mireia Vila came with me to help me and to documentate the hole process of my last solo show in Antwerpen.
As a continuation with the developing of the concept "BE AN IDOL" by Philip Shafer, I have created some new peaces: sculpture installation, prints, photos and digital installations throught internet.
This is the process since we toke a plane from Berlin to Antwerpen.

Schönefeld airport.
I had some problems with the policemen from the airport.
My suitcase seemed suspicious because of all the materials I was bringing.
You are not aloud to trip with spray painting.

Some Jewish men praying because they arrived safe!
I love them

We were staying at the most beautifull bread & breakfast ever.
1900s style

At the curator's place; Lliure Briz. Trying to orgagnice how to start.

The gallery ( looked like that when we just arrived and some workers were fixing the sidewalk by the entrance.

With Irene Alvarez trying to put together the extreme fragil frames.

Finishing the set by the "Offering I", and making some test with the big frames.
It was very interesting just on a pillow...