"...everybody look from outside, the viewer once again awaiting (waiting for) a sensation.
an action frozen in time mirroring a skill only a few can manage.
impossibility turned into reality, the equilibrium impossible to attain in real, daily life.
A un-ending plateau of possibilities which, in the world only a few survive.
the equilibrium on the "rope/road/way" on the verge of breaking.
timeline which one has to cross knowing it might break and fall endless at anytime.
a space (plateau) where action itself becomes the metaphor of reality.

Text: Paul Ekaitz © 2009

Thanks to : Richard Capstick, Oriol Pont, Carlos Arroyo Galaxia & Sonja Müller


Since I arrived to Berlin in January 2009, I tryed to find a perfect person to work with.
Finally I found him. His name is Paul Ekaitz!