these are a couple of images of the working process from a collective exhibition where I collaborated. The vernissage's form can also be observed here!
The concept from the show was: "The Devil is a loser and he's my bitch". My piece, "666 SWANS", could represent evel pieces floating around the city's canals. In winter, death isn't black, it is white. And swans never freeze
Thanks to Jaime Swartz ans Stevie Hanley to let me form a part of this project.

ON LIMIT vernissage

Pictures from "ON LIMIT" Vernissage
Exhibition October 24th untill November 28th 2009


"...everybody look from outside, the viewer once again awaiting (waiting for) a sensation.
an action frozen in time mirroring a skill only a few can manage.
impossibility turned into reality, the equilibrium impossible to attain in real, daily life.
A un-ending plateau of possibilities which, in the world only a few survive.
the equilibrium on the "rope/road/way" on the verge of breaking.
timeline which one has to cross knowing it might break and fall endless at anytime.
a space (plateau) where action itself becomes the metaphor of reality.

Text: Paul Ekaitz © 2009

Thanks to : Richard Capstick, Oriol Pont, Carlos Arroyo Galaxia & Sonja Müller

Since I arrived to Berlin in January 2009, I tryed to find a perfect person to work with.
Finally I found him. His name is Paul Ekaitz!

Naturalidad Familiar

Carmina, Macarena y Julio

Holly water

A destination wedding is any wedding in which the engaged couple, alone or with guests, travels to attend the ceremony. This could be a beach ceremony in the Caribbean or on the California coast, a lavish event in Las Vegas, or a simple ceremony at the home of a geographically distant friend or relative.


ROSE MOON- month october

This is one of my last video projects
I was working for so long!
One of the best musicians form London colavorated with puting the music on my digital paintings.

The moon, a circled sphere that mirrors the earths surface, follows us through our nights guarding our vital circles.
It arises offering redemption, a cycle of life that perfectly marks a new beginning.
As the start of a new year allows us to believe that there is an escape from our old ghosts and troubles, each full moon night can expose us to selfreflection and a ritual of personal challenge.

Through this collection of sound and visual scapes we try
to represent emotional states of our own personal moon's moods.

A common link (or connection) contemplated from different angles of scenery, was the source of inspiration for Mar Calvo (Sea Sounds) and Carlos Arroyo Galaxia to create this project. They invoked each other in the distance to share their most immediate devotion. Creating and reproducing a series of sonic landscapes and colourist atmospheres to represent their lunar meditations.

Sonic Landscape & Digital Painting


Ikea inspires me

Beautiful Losers

Swam Swam

Me gusta que pueda dibujar murales a cambio de cobijo.
Menos mal.
Gracias L /

Toilet Monters

El pasado 2007 Shawn Barver (uno de mis profesores en CCA, S.Francisco), me sugirió ilustrar mis miedos infantiles y uno (entre muchísimos) de los más disparatados era el tener que sentarme en la taza del water con la incertidumbre de si un caimán me mordería el culo; en el colegio me contaron la leyenda de las alcantarillas (seguramente no valencianas)
"Toilet Monsters" representa mi terror y más de diez centimetros de distancia entre mis muslos y la taza del water.

Mantener el equilibrio me distrae.