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Holly water

A destination wedding is any wedding in which the engaged couple, alone or with guests, travels to attend the ceremony. This could be a beach ceremony in the Caribbean or on the California coast, a lavish event in Las Vegas, or a simple ceremony at the home of a geographically distant friend or relative.


ROSE MOON- month october

This is one of my last video projects
I was working for so long!
One of the best musicians form London colavorated with puting the music on my digital paintings.

The moon, a circled sphere that mirrors the earths surface, follows us through our nights guarding our vital circles.
It arises offering redemption, a cycle of life that perfectly marks a new beginning.
As the start of a new year allows us to believe that there is an escape from our old ghosts and troubles, each full moon night can expose us to selfreflection and a ritual of personal challenge.

Through this collection of sound and visual scapes we try
to represent emotional states of our own personal moon's moods.

A common link (or connection) contemplated from different angles of scenery, was the source of inspiration for Mar Calvo (Sea Sounds) and Carlos Arroyo Galaxia to create this project. They invoked each other in the distance to share their most immediate devotion. Creating and reproducing a series of sonic landscapes and colourist atmospheres to represent their lunar meditations.

Sonic Landscape & Digital Painting